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I have only casually mentioned here that I have a new blog that I have been working on as of late. It is a political blog called "The Right Commentary." Yeah, it's a bit presumptuous of me in that some people will say that it is the wrong commentary. I expect that. The political blog is an outgrowth of this blog. I have made political posts in the past on David's Musings. But, since I reopened this blog, back in February, I have stayed away from politics and focused on personal issues in life. I have waited until now (about making mention of it) to see what kind of traffic I would get. Right now, I'm getting about 30-40 visits a day. Sometimes it spikes up to 100 a day. I'm not sure if that is search engine bots crawling or active, unique visitors. In any case, I created this blog slightly over two weeks ago. I've made a total of five posts and am trying to find time to create more than just two posts a week.

This new political blog is open to all viewpoints unlike some political sites on the Entrecard network. I am a conservative and make no bones about it. In fact, I make it a point to warn people I will be politically incorrect on The Right Commentary. I've caught hell here about my views on the biggest scam of our time (global warming aka climate change aka anything climate whackos want to call it), President Obama and Obamacare. I don't care. If you can't or are unable to defend your views, you may not want to visit me on my new political blog. However, if you are up to civil discussion, I invite you to visit me on The Right Commentary. I don't care what your political views are. If things get too heated, we can just agree to disagree. If we all agreed on everything, it would be a dull, dull world.

On a note more inline with this blog, you may have noticed guest posting this past weekend. I've decided to accept guest posting for this blog to add more content here (and to help me out also). This past Saturday it was about weight loss and Sunday it was a religious post. I plan on accepting guest posting for weekends (if "The Price is Right"). Just something I have decided to do on this old blog. I hope you enjoy this new feature on weekends.

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