Donate Old Cars to Charity

If you have followed this blog for any period of time, you will know that I have two things that I talk about with affection; my beagle, Ralph and my 1995 Nissan pickup truck. The truck has great sentimental value (well, of course, so does Ralph) to me. It was the last vehicle that I drove my late mother in for many years before her death. Plus, this old truck has been a faithful partner to me over the years. But, the truck is getting on up in year, just like its owner. I had considered selling it about two years ago. But, when the seller showed up, I backed out. I just could not do it.

I have been reading with great interest about "donating old cars to charity" of late. There is one charity called "Purple Heart Car Donation Program." The program is to benefit wounded and/or disabled veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. These vehicles go to veterans who have won the Purple Heart due to their service to our country. Many of these veterans are destitute. The federal government, traditionally, has always neglected its wounded warriors. I can identify with that since I am a Vietnam War Era veteran. I've seen first hand how Vietnam Vets were neglected. I am seriously considering donating my old Nissan truck to this worthy charity. The truck is driven about twice a week right now. I mostly drive it on weekends when I take Ralph for his weekly walk in the park. It would be hard to let go of this truck. But, I see this charity as a most worthy endeavor. It's something I feel in my heart that is the right thing to do. Still, I've backed out before.

There is a huge list of organizations that accept car donations. Click here for a big list of places to check into. Another good place to donate an old car is the Make A Wish foundation which accepts Wheels for Wishes. All these charitable organizations are worthy of consideration. But, for me personally, the Purple Heart organization makes the most sense. I am trying to convince myself to part with my old truck. It needs to be done. Now, I just have to convince Ralph about it. He will not ride in any vehicle but that Nissan truck of mine!

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donate your car for cancer fighters car donation for those who really need it is best way to to help them out.

very nice post thanks for sharing.
your Purple Heart Car Donation Program is really appreciable.really by car donation we can help many people in different areas.

Thanks for share this great post.Donate car for cancer fighters is best way.Really i like it.

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