60th Birthday

It seems impossible to me. But, there is no denying the fact that September 6th, this Tuesday, is THE day. I will be 60 years old. It just doesn't seem possible that I could be that old. And, yet, I am about 24 hours away from that event taking place in my life. It seems like only yesterday when I celebrated another milestone of my life, my 50th birthday. Ten short years later, here I am. Do I feel old? With the exception of my back problems and blood pressure, I'm doing just fine. Yeah, I could stand to lose about 25lbs. I imagine most people my age wish they could do that. Where have the years gone? Was it last week I was in Vietnam as a young 19 year old kid in Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam? Wasn't it just a couple of days later I was at the shipyard in Pascagoula, MS working as an electrician? I know it was no more than a couple of months ago I was playing in the 12-14 age group of Little League Baseball. I couldn't have gotten this old this quick. Or have I? Again, it's just not possible.

Where is that little boy that loved football so much, even though he was too small, too slow and just not very good. There is so much about life you wish you could go back and change. There are things I have said and done I wish I could do a "do-over" somehow. But, I will not be afforded that luxury. You have to accept the mistakes and failures in life in order to move on past them. Sometimes, in life, there are simply no answers. There are just questions that you ponder upon until you take your final breath.

Yeah, I guess I'm getting a little too sentimental on this upcoming event on Tuesday. I will have a small party of about 3 people to celebrate, possibly to even commiserate with on this day. I just know that things have come and gone far, far too quickly. Or maybe not quickly enough in some respects. There are lots of people who never got the chance to live as long as I have. One such person is my little sister who lived to be just 25 years old. Her life was just beginning. Mine is winding down. Don't worry. I've feel better after Tuesday, I promise!

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Happy Birthday! Time actually goes by faster the older you get. It has something to do with Einstein's relatives moving in. LOL

Have a great day!

Happy Birthday, David!

I hope I still have the passion and zealousness to blog when I reach 60.

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