Zodiac Killer

The late 1960s in the United States of America. It was a time of civil unrest, assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy. The Vietnam War was raging on unabated. Man left the safe confines of Mother Earth and landed on the Moon. A very tumultuous time in our nation's history. There was also one more significant item during the late 60s (and early 70s) that is not reported very much. The Zodiac Killer. The very name, even now, fills me with dread. He sent letters to the newspapers, taunting the police. He encrypted notes to police and newspapers in the San Francisco area. The Zodiac Killer threatened to blow up a school bus. He made Americans blood run cold. I suspect this was America's first brush with a pathological serial killer. To this date, the Zodiac Killer has not been caught. Many think he died of old age. There are many suspected people, including Arthur Leigh Allen who died in 1992. He is still considered the prime suspect by many historians and police. But, Arthur Leigh Allen died an innocent man.

Why I bring up the Zodiac Killer, in this blog post, there is a possibility the encrypted code of the Zodiac Killer has been broken by a Mr. Corey Starliper, a Californian amateur codebreaker and devout Zodiac historian. Mr. Starliper claims he used an old method known as the "Caesar" to decrypt the killer's code. Most police are not buying into it as yet. There is no one that really knows for sure if Mr. Starliper has broken the code of quite possibly the most notorious serial killer in the history of the United States. It would solve the murders of seven people, although the Zodiac Killer maintained he killed 37 people.

It is very possible that we'll never know who the Zodiac Killer is/was. It's possible the police have been looking in the wrong direction for over forty years. Everyone assumes it is a man that did the killing. I have no reason to think it could be a woman. But, I think the single-minded approach by the FBI and California police might have contributed to the failure to find this serial killer. The hot summers of the late 60s and early 70s were filled with dread. People kept waiting on the police to make an arrest of the Zodiac Killer. Even now, we still wait.

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