Starvation and Famine in Africa

I know we have all seen this picture before...a malnourished child in Africa with the swollen bellies, flies all around and the story there is, once again, a famine in Africa. I've seen that same picture one time too many. The one that sticks out in my mind is a dying child in Africa with a vulture waiting nearby for the inevitable. That one shook me to the core. There are some heartless people who say this always happens in Africa because of lack of birth control, lack of support infrastructure and just abject poverty. All those things may be true. But, ask the children that are starving if they care or even understand these reasons. Chances are they don't care. The only thing these children can relate to is the rumbling sound in their stomachs.

I bring this subject up for two reasons. One, once again Somalia (yes, Somalia) is at the forefront of famine and starvation in Africa today. This is due in part to a devastating drought taking place in Somalia. People have no water, no food to survive. As you may remember, President Bill Clinton sent in U.S. troops to help Somalia back in the early 90's. We wound up with a "Blackhawk Down" episode for our troubles. Somalia cannot expect help from the USA this time. Secondly, this reminds me of a similar rescue mission to the Ivory Coast back in the early 70s when I was in the U.S. Navy. These people were so starved they attacked our hellicopters that were bringing food. They had no concern for the whirling blades that could swoop them up. That haunts me to this day. I've never seen people that famished. I hope I never do again.

If you would like to contribute to aid to Africa, hit this link. This is the Samaritan's Purse International Relief Organization. They are my favorite charity.

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