National Left Handers Day

I guess I have been living in a cave. I was not aware until this past Saturday, August 13, 2011, was a day set aside for people who are left-handed. National Left Handers Day falls on August 13 of every year! I was initially taken aback and then started finding it humorous. What are they going to set a day aside for next? National Day for People with Blue Eyes? Ok, I'm going overboard again. But, I was shocked when I saw this trending on Yahoo last Saturday. Intrigued, I had to get to the bottom of it all. This actually started on August 13, 1992! How in the world did I miss that? I guess it started because Lefties live in a Righties world (so to speak). For example, if Junior is a Leftie and wants to play baseball, his left-handed glove is going to cost more than one for a right-handed kid. Sad, but true. The computer mouse is intended for right-handed folks. Here is another remarkable fact; Lefties only make up about ten-percent of the population. I certainly thought it was more than that. There is no truth to the rumor that an octopus has only one right hand. Strictly a rumor, of course.

Having said all this, I am Rightie. I can't imagine being a right-handed person living in a left-handed world. The world was designed, I suppose, for Righties. I can't imagine learning to drive a stick-shift with my left hand. But, southpaws have to learn to shift with their right hand. Imagine if your teacher said you would have to learn how to write with your left hand. 90% of the population would have fainted in grief! So, to all you lefties out there, I hope you had a nice National Left Handers Day this past Saturday. I wonder if President "Lefty" Obama celebrated this sacred day?

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For thousands of years, until very recently, left handedness was regarded to be bad sign, and lefties were frequently forced to become right handed.

Since I myself am left handed, I, of course, appreciate our new found acceptance.

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