FEMA Coffins

With the advent of Hurricane Irene sweeping up the east coast (not sure I can recall a region of the country getting this much coverage over a Cat I hurricane before), I did a little research of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Administration. They are the agency in charge of all natural disasters of the USA, from tornadoes to floods to hurricanes. Their purpose is to bring much needed aid to these hard hit areas. That is their stated purpose. Before Hurricane Katrina, I doubt most people had ever heard of FEMA. But, they gained fame during this time and it wasn't the good kind of fame. Incompetence, mismanagement, waste became words associated with FEMA. They are back in the news with Hurricane Irene. But, something I had never noticed before, in the Google search bar, was the appearance of "FEMA Coffins."

Now, my first thought was this had to do with providing coffins for a mass death of people as we saw in New Orleans. But, that wasn't the case. What I discovered is that there is an entire cottage industry now about FEMA Coffins. Apparently, the thinking is that FEMA will round up those dastardly government critics, tea partiers, conservatives and anyone right of center and place them in a sort of concentration camp. There they will undergo government brainwashing. Those that don't get with the program are then given a "free FEMA Coffin" which they will use for eternity. First, I am one of those "Vast Right-wing Conspirators" that Hillary Clinton loves to hate so much. But, this FEMA Coffins conspiracy is a bit too much. First, even the most liberal of Americans will be screaming bloody murder if someone is placed into any sort of camp because of their political philosophy. Even the much hated ACLU will be at the U.S. Supreme Court's door if anyone, I do mean ANYONE is placed into a camp because of their politics. Secondly, there is that little thing called the Bill of Rights. The federal government would have to basically trash the entire U.S. Constitution itself. No one would stand for that.

That's about all the bandwidth I'm going to spend on the subject of "FEMA Coffins." People are actually selling books on this and making a ton of money. I guess PT Barnum was right.

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But, then again, in an age of: The Patriot Act, Indefinite and Prolonged Political Detentions, and Christians Being Viewed As The Enemy... How many protections does that Constitution truly offer?

Francis, you have a point about the Patriot Act. However, unless everyone suddenly loses his or her mind, the vast majority of Americans will not stand for other Americans being incarcerated for their political beliefs in this era of our country. I know Japanese-Americans were incarcerated in detention centers during WWII. However, that was due to the War and not any one political belief. I don't know why the Constitution did not come into play here. Maybe some Constitutional scholar will expound on this. Appreciate your comment.

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