Deportation Laws in the United States

Once again, King Obama has ruled by decree. Forcing Obamacare down the throats of Americans wasn't enough for this wannabe king of the world. Now, he has ruled in favor of allowing illegal aliens (yeah, I know that isn't politically correct, but ask me if I gave a damn) to remain in this country on a "case by case" basis. Right. If you believe that, I have some prime waterfront property in the Gulf of Mexico to sell to you...cheap. King Obama ruled that all illegal aliens (see above) who are scheduled to be deported are now given sanctuary status due to their illegal immigration status. He is now ruling by executive fiat (after stating immigration has to go through Congressional legislative process).

The liberals couldn't get the Dream/Nightmare Act by Congressional legislation. They had to ignore the immigration laws on the books right now. The U.S. Code, TITLE 8 CHAPTER 12 SUBCHAPTER II Part IV § 1227 is quite clear on classes of illegal aliens. Entering this country without a visa is a crime. There are approximately 30 million criminals in the United States taking advantage of social services and taking jobs away from American citizens. Apparently, King Obama does not care for the taxpaying Americans and legal residents of this country. King Obama is concerned with only one thing; getting reelected and enjoying the perks of office. The job of President is a nuisance to him. He just wants to have people fawn over him. It will be interesting if state governments now sue the federal government for not enforcing immigration laws (Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986).

The open borders crowd does not care about Americans. It is time for Americans to wake up to this fact of life. King Obama does not care about Americans. It is also time for Americans to wake up to this fact. King Obama really only cares about is being President of the United States. Hispanics will eventually catch on to this little nugget of information. Or maybe not. Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona is right, President (King) Obama has finally come up with a jobs plan....for illegals!

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It is sad that "King" Obama has not the slightest clue what is best for this country! A lot of the folks that jumped on the band wagon when he was running have now been run over by the same wagon. At this point all I can say is WHATEVER!

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