PageRank Update for 2011 - Addendum

Well that sure as hell didn't last long! As I reported in my blog post "PageRank Update for 2011" this blog was moved up a notch from a PR3 to a PR4. This happened late June. But, I did not notice it until July 4th. I had been a PR3 for almost three years. I thought the move up was well justified. Moving me back down to PR3 was unjustified in my not so biased opinion. Two updates in one month by Google? The second update took place on July 18, 2011, this past Monday. It is preposterous. It seems that blogs everywhere took a dip. I know one blog that had been a PR3 and got knocked down to PR0. I know, I know PageRank doesn't mean as much as it once did. Even Google says this. But, try telling that to advertisers and sponsors who still think PageRank is the main thing to traffic and visits back to their site. I was in the running for a huge payday from a sponsor in the three figures range. All they wanted was a link back to their site. Now? Now, I have not heard back from them. Gee, I wonder why.

I have promised myself I am going to quit paying any attention to PageRank and Alexa. Yeah, the icons are still there. Eventually, I will just delete them. Right now, I'm just completely mystified by Google. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to their rankings. The fact Google upgraded themselves from PR9 to PR10 tells me all I need to know about this sham of a ranking system. The adsense being disabled should have been a clue to me. I still haven't gotten over that. But, to hell with them now. I was a PR4 for about three weeks!!! What kind of idiocy is that?!?! Google thinks they are invincible. Nobody is invincible. Someday, Google will find this out.

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