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For the past few months since I started this blog back up (after a six month hiatus), I have noticed a lot of requests for a link exchange. I'm not sure why. Right now, this is only a PR3 site. I was briefly (ever so briefly) a PR4 site for three weeks this month. I got a lot of requests during those three weeks. But, it seems that the requests have backed off somewhat. What has gotten bad is the people making comments with a link back to a commercial site. That is something I am not going to allow. As long as I am charging advertisers on this site, a link back to a commercial site is not happening. It's only fair. Now, some people will make comments such as "Great blog, I enjoyed it!' and then link back to a commercial enterprise. Those comments are considered spam by me and are quickly deleted. This blog holds comments in moderation. That means that the link is not made unless I approve or reject it. Lately, I have been rejecting a lot of comments that are obviously trying to get around my rule about linking back to a commercial site. I also check my Shout Box on the lower right-hand side of this blog. I look for links there also.

If you link back to your blog, a non-commercial site or non-profit organization, I will allow that in the comments section. I will not allow a link back to a business, commercial enterprise, get rich schemes or anything to do with porn. I always, ALWAYS check the links in comments. One comment had six links to commercial business sites. That one was quickly deleted. One person just this week made a good comment on my post, "External Hard Drives: Obsolete." Unfortunately, he made a link back to a commercial site. I had to delete it. I try and catch the links in the Shout Box widget. It's jut not fair to the advertisers or future sponsors of this blog. If you have a blog that is not related to any commercial enterprise, then your linking here is welcome.

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