President Obama: Our Dear Leader

I know that title is going to infuriate the Obama Cult Members. I honestly don't care, to be quite frank. But, I must ask the question, just who does "Dear Leader" think he is? Is he above the U.S. Constitution? You might think that is an odd question for someone who was a constitutional professor. If he held the U.S. Constitution in high regard, that out of date, antiquated document, would he have carried out such shenanigans (Cornhusker Kickback, Lousiana Purchase, nuclear option aka reconciliation to pass Obamacare, etc.) to pass Obamacare? Some say that was the only way to do it with unanimous Republican opposition. If Obamacare is so good for us, as we have been led to believe, why the waviers for unions, GE and other Fortune 500 companies? Ah, but this blog post is not about Obamacare. This is just an example of Obama's blatant disregard for this country's most revered document with all those dead white men's signatures.

But, the obove was necessary to show a pattern for Obama's disdain for everything this country stands for or has stood for over the past 2+ centuries. What I am driving at is his current disregard for the U.S. Congressional authority to be contacted about the War Powers Act. Some say the WPA hinders a President in his role as Commander in Chief. There is some part of me that agrees with this statement. But, the fact is, we are at war in four different countries now. Someone or something has to place controls on President Obama. He is out of control with the power of the (still) most powerful military force in the world. Only the power of the U.S. Congress can wage war. President Obama knows this. President Obama seems to have little regard for rules and laws now that he is the President of the United States. The Obama Administration states that the WPA does not come into play because we are not in an active role (they state supporting role) in Libya. That is total BS. With U.S. fighter planes carrying out air strikes, I don't believe you can say that is a supporting role. That is an active primary military action. It can not be stated as anything else.

It's time for us to get out of all the wars. We are leaving Afghanistan, on our way out of Iraq. It makes sense to get out of Libya and Yemen as well.

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I've been asking myself these very same questions. And they called Bush a war monger. Good grief.

Have a terrific day. :)

I have to agree, Sandee. All we heard about what a war criminal Bush was. Now, as bad as Bush was, he didn't get us involved in four conflicts at one time. The media is strangely silent, as is liberal groups like Code Pink. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. Hope you have a great day also.

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