Extremist Group: Sovereign Citizens Movement

The Sovereign Citizens Movement (SCM). I am willing to bet few have ever heard of this group. I had not either until I got an email from this group about three weeks ago soliciting money for their "cause." SCM is classified in Wikipedia as an "...anti-government extremist group that takes the position they are answerable only to English Common Law. They believe that they are not subject to any federal, state or local laws. SCM also believes that those of us (the majority) who are subservient to federal laws are "federal citizens" since we obey federal, state, local laws and pay taxes. They are stringently anti-taxes as a group. The Posse Comitatus movement, as I recall, were very active during the 1970s. This group is very similar to SCM. In fact, they may either be the remnants of Posse Comitatus or an offshoot. Both are known to have anti-semite, anti-minorities leanings.

What I feel is hypocritical of this organization is that they live in the USA and obviously are enjoying the benefits of living here. But, they feel they are not subject to the same laws as the majority. Of course, one might argue that illegal aliens do the exact same thing. I can't really say you are wrong if you say that. But, the SCM is known for committing violence also. The founder of Posse Comitatus, William Gale, was convicted of threatening a Nevada state Judge and several IRS agents in 1987. But, what has caught my attention (and what I find hard to believe) SCM has approximately 100K "hard-core sovereign believers," according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC also stated that another 200K is just starting out in their "sovereign techniques" by refusing speeding tickets, drug charges and property taxes. It is amazing that I have heard so little about this group before I checked them out thanks to (what I believe) is an inadvertent email. This is a very powerful anti-government group that appears to be getting stronger and stronger.

I worry about an overbearing federal government also. But, taking the path that SCM is, is simply not the way to go. That is my opinion.

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Actually, no. These guys don't know the law. They may know the "law" that they've invented in their own minds, which they have decided supplants the actual law that keeps society together (while still freely partaking of the benefits of an ordered, free society that's only possible with the rule of universally-recognized law), but they don't know the actual laws that normal people are bound by. Not by a long shot: http://lawblog.legalmatch.com/2011/06/22/once-again-sovereign-citizens-making-life-difficult-for-sane-people/

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