Obama Birth Certificate Controversy 2011

Barack Obama revealed his much awaited long-form birth certificate
this past Wednesday (April 27, 2011). But, in no surprise to me at all, the birthers believed it to be a hoax. Those that believe the long form birth certificate to be a hoax are pointing to Adobe Illustrator, which is used by computer graphic artists, that the document is altered. In fact, they are saying the document has nine different layers. They view this as proof the long form birth certificate is altered. Jean-Claude Tremblay, a leading software trainer and Adobe certified, says the layers are common software scanning byproducts. Mr. Tremblay further stated that the layers are a result of OCR attempts to translate characters or words into text. I have to agree with him on this point. I have used OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) before and have noticed this oddity in the end product. Looking at it, I remember telling my brother (we were making a scan of his drivers license for a passport) it looked altered. We worried if the federal agency would give us grief about it. They did not.

I have to go on record (if you do a searcyh of "Obama" on this blog, you will see my disdain for President Obama) as saying this entire birth certificate controversy is on par with the ridiculous assertions of the "truther movement." Both are a waste of time and money. But, both groups are fanatical in their respective belief. Personally, as I said in a post on HubPages (birthers vs truthers) that this entire thing smells of being contrived. Obama, if nothing else, is the consummate politician. My own belief is that he has played this entire controversy up for as long as he could to generate sympathy for himself in a time when his poll numbers are dropping like a rock. It did not seem to work. What baffles a lot of people is why Obama even bothered to give credence to the birth certificate issue in the first place. Donald Trump is now saying he forced Obama's hand to release the long form birth certificate. I can't disagree with him. The only good thing for Obama is that this has certainly disqualified Trump as a viable candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination. As for Obama; people are still going to question his place of birth. He has only added more fuel to the fire with this long form birth certificate sideshow last Wednesday.

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You,sir, have not done your homework. There is a mountain of evidence that proves this whole B.C. scandal is pure fraud. I could point you in a hundred directions for proper research but I think there is one book (recently published) that would sum it up for you and your trusting audience. "Where's the Birth Certificate?" by Dr. Jerome Corsi. And if you look it up on the internet and you come across an article that claims Dr. Corsi admitted he lied throughout the book... THAT WAS SATIRE and POLITICAL ESPIONAGE !

Good luck and happy reading...

Dr. Jerome Corsi was a guest on Alex Jones' radio broadcast on GCN live recently. You can search Youtube with keywords like "corsi, obama, alex jones" ...Very informative...

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