What To Do With Old Cell Phones

Like most cell phone users (certainly not all), I turn in my old cell for a new one after my mandatory two-year agreement is up. I always opt for a new, up to date cell phone. But, what has become a continual problem for me is what to do with the old one. Now, the cell phone provider I use will "gladly" take it off my hands if I mail it back to them at my expense. Of course, that isn't going to happen. I could drop it off at a local cell phone provider store. I tried that once and was told I would have to come back the next day because the person who handles that was not at work. Of course, that sounded like complete nonsense to me. I never went back.

What I have discovered is that you can turn in those cell phones and make a little extra cash. Some sites say they will give up up to $400. I'm a little skeptical of that. But, I suppose I could try it and see. Some will even pay for shipping. A couple of years ago, you could turn in your old cell phone and get an Amazon Gift Card. But, I don't think they are doing that any longer. You could also recycle them to be refurbished and given to the poor in this country (USA) and in developing countries.

However, what seems to be the most popular idea (and one that I'm going to choose personally) is send them to U.S. troops serving overseas. There is a site called "Cell Phones for Soldiers." You can send them to be recycled, refurbished and resold so U.S troops can make free calls via prepaid calling cards. AT&T has a site dedicated to troops overseas. This site also mentions how AT&T has donated $8 million worth of prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops overseas. I don't care much for AT&T. But, this is a very worthwhile endeavor by this company.

So, basically, you have your choice of what to do with old cell phones. No longer do you have to think "what to do with old cell phones." You can sell them for cash, have them recycled, send them to the poor and, of course, send them to U.S. troops serving our country abroad.

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