Old Computers Disposal

We covered how to dispose of old cell phones earlier this week. Now, let's explore the ways to get rid of those old computers, accessories, and parts. One way for an old computers disposal is by donating it to a local school. However, since technology, in computer hardware and software, changes so rapidly, most schools won't take a computer over five years old. A lot of old computers can still be used for parts as a donation. So, if your old computer is over five years old, see if they will accept it as parts. I donated an old Dell Dimension 8100 (ten years old) in January to a local school. The IT instructor said he couldn't use it as a lab computer. But, he thought he might be able to use the parts, such as the Western Digital Hard Drive.

Another way for old computers disposal is by checking out the Environmental Protection Agency's web site. You can find a variety of ways to donate the old computers in your home. It has quite a few different options and programs you can utilize to get rid of the old computers. One of the programs it mentions is Best Buy's Recycle program. However, what I don't like about this is that you not only have to bring the computer to Best Buy, but you have to pay them a fee ($10.00) for the honor of having them get rid of your old computer hardware. There is a site called UsedComputers.com that has a laundry list of nonprofit programs that will gladly take that old computer, printer and monitor off your hands. One program mentioned is The PEP National Directory of Computer Recycling Programs.

If your computer is not cost effective to repair due to age or is outside the five year window, this site, Computer Hope, may just be the place for you. It provides many links on how to get rid of the old computers, how to dismantle them, and what to do with them once you dismantle the old computers. You would be amazed how many computer companies such as Apple, Gateway and Dell have recycling programs that are listed at this site.

Finally, one other option is the local mission in your area. I'm talking about nonprofit organizations such as Mission of Hope and the Salvation Army. Normally, these organizations take clothing, old furniture, used vehicles and cash donations. However, the possibility does exist that they may take old computers off your hands as well. It all depends on what their current needs are at the time you call. The Mission of Hope is the more likely of the two to take an old computer, printer or possibly a computer monitor from you. All you have to do is either call them or contact them via email at one of the links I gave above.

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Many states have already made it illegal to put e-trash in landfills.Unwanted computers and similar equipment are rapidly clogging our landfills and pose an environmental hazard.

According to an EPA report in 2009, Americans generated 3 million metric tonnes of unwanted electronics, only 17.7% of that was recycled. The rest was incinerated or put in landfills.

Other EPA e-waste statistics estimate that 68% of people are storing their ewaste in their homes. electronics recycling Louisville KY, Cincinnati OH, Charleston WV, and surrounding states.

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