Golden Gate Bridge Suicides

In one of the rare survival stories of the Golden Gate Brige suicides, a 16-year old girl survived an apparent suicide attempt. I say "apparent" because initially officials were not sure it was a suicide attempt. But, now, they are confident the distraught teenager was attempting to end her life. Amazingly, the teen girl was conscious when she was rescued from the water. This is the second attempt this year by a teen to end their life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge which has gruesomely always attracted those who wish to end their lives. A 17-year old boy survived just last month with minor injuries. But, this teenage boy was not attempting suicide. He stated he did it "for kicks." He might need a serious mental evaluation. That is a 250 foot drop. He and the girl are both lucky to be alive today.

The Golden Gate Bridge has long been a site for suicides. I'm not sure why that is, to be honest. It may have more to do with the fact it is romanticized somewhat in song and movies. No, no one that I know of speaks about it being a "great place to end it all." But, I tend to believe that is part of the attraction. Last year, there were thirty-two suicides. That is a bit over the average of twenty-five a year. There was a documentary I watched on the subject of Golden Gate Bridge Suicides. I believe the name of it was "The Bridge." It was a fascinating and sad documentary all at once. I encourage anyone who harbors any thoughts of suicide to seek help locally. You can hit this link, Suicide Prevention, for help.

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