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Google is a wonderful thing. It reveals so much information, you can't possibly take it all in at one time. Google is also a wonderful research tool. I have discovered this little blog is becoming more popular. Blog content usage of David's Musings is not something that bothers me a whole lot. But, it is nice if I am asked if my content off this blog can be used. I have an email link (above my pic and profile), I have comments link. you can use to contact me. Ordinarily, all you have to do is ask me to use my content to your blog or site and I will usually say yes. All I ask is you provide a link back to this blog in return. Some sites that have used my content have not even provided a link back. I will be contacting them very soon about this. You can save me the trouble by contacting me as soon as this blog post is posted.

I'm flattered that so many sites want to use my ramblings and rants as content for their respective sites. But, there is a thing called "common courtesy" that can be used also. You can at least provide a link back to my site. Many are not doing this. I have pulled my full feed on my RSS subscription until further notice. It will now be a short feed until I can get some things finalized with site owners. Please contact me by one of the methods listed. Thank you.

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