Thyssenkrupp Alabama

I have spoken in the past about Thyssenkrupp Alabama, the giant German steel company built in the northern part of Mobile County, Alabama. It appears things are picking up for the Steel mill. It was reported that Thyssenkrupp has hired over 1900 full time employees since 2007. The company has created over 9000 construction jobs, many of them ongoing, and generated in excess of $34 million for state revenue. That is a drop in the bucket when you consider that the state of Alabama gave Thyssenkrupp a $811 million incentives package to build their plant in the state of Alabama. It came down to us and somewhere in Louisiana. I'm thinking it was Shreveport, but I'm not sure. Anyway, Thyssenkrupp Alabama said they have plans to hire another 800 workers for its steel plant. This is a $5 billion investment by Thyssenkrupp in the state of Alabama. It will be considered the largest steel mill in North America when it is finally finished.

Thyssenkrupp Alabama is hiring! They are hiring in the positions of operators and maintenance. To become qualified for one of these positions, you must complete a rigorous training and interview process. To apply for training for operations, click HERE. Positions pay between $18.46 to $29.18 an hour, depending upon your steel production operator experience. There are also industrial maintenance positions available. These are electricians, electronic (instrumentation techs), Industrial Facilities (HVAC, air compressors, etc), mechanical and hydraulic techs. Click HERE to apply for maintenance positions with Thyssenkrupp Alabama. Please look at the bottom of the page to apply for these maintenance positions. Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid advertisement for Thyssenkrupp Alabama.


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