Generation Y Characteristics

We're hearing a lot about Generation Y these days. One reason is that Generation Y is simply taking over the workforce as baby boomers (such as myself) start entering retirement. Another name for this generation is the "Millennials" since they were either entering or leaving college and entering the workforce in 2000. But, really, there is no precise date when these "Echo Boomers" got their start. I'm thinking, whatever happened to Generation X? Well, they are still with us. They were born in the 60s and 70s, in the post-war baby boomer generation. Most of the Generation Y demographic are considered far more savvy in communications (smart phones, Ipads, etc.) than previous generations. Generation Y is considered much more liberal than Gen X, baby boomers and especially "the greatest generation" of WWII. They are much more supportive of abortion, same sex marriages, and so forth. But, this does not mean that Generation Y as a whole is liberal minded. There are many conservative 19 somethings and 20 somethings born of this era. I think the idea that Generation Y is predominately liberal is a misnomer.

There are things that characterize Generation Y as well. This generation is less white than previous generations, even more so than Gen X. I've read where a clear one-third of Generation Y was born to unwed mothers. One of the differences that Generation Y has from my generation, baby boomers; they seem to admire their parents much more. Baby boomers were raising hell in the 60s against the Vietnam War, burning draft cards, drugs, sex and rock and roll. Many of that generation "dropped out." Generation Y has a much closer relationship with their parents. I'm not sure why that is though. One thing this generation has in common with my baby boomer generation is their interest in politics. That is a very good thing in my opinion. While the baby boomers were involved politically, they also were rioting in the streets. You don't see this as much with Generation Y. The one thing that stands out to me on Generation Y (after reading some articles on this subject) is their dedication to saving the planet. Now, this is a good thing. Pollution on land and our oceans must be stopped. But, I part company on the so-called Global Warming scam. That's as far as I will go on that issue.

All in all, I don't see Generation Y as being significantly better than previous generations. They certainly are more techno-savvy than previous generations. But, that is due to the age in which they were born. They have many characteristics that you want your children to have as they grow up. Later on this week, I will do a post on Baby Boomers and compare them to Generation X.


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