Gallbladder Surgery Recovery

I've already related this story on a revenue sharing site (Hubpages - Attack of the Gall Bladder!) back in October. I told of how my stomach had this strange pain for a period of about six months. Like an idiot, I tried to diagnose my own pain. I told myself it was simply stomach ulcers like my father had during his life (this is another story I will share at later date). Little did I know it was my gallbladder that was the cause of my pain. I passed out one day (October of 2010) in my hallway. Luckily, my sister was here. But, she was busy outside doing something. Ralph, my three-year old beagle, was barking at me. Apparently, even a dog can tell something is wrong when its master is laying prone on the floor. Ralph figured only he can do that, not me. That barking alerted my sister outside. Long story short here; I was transported to the hospital and had surgery the next morning for gallbladder removal surgery.

Gallbladder surgery recovery was not as simple as they had made it out to be at the hospital. Sure, they had me on a special diet since my gallbladder was no longer around. That was a sobering thought....something I was born with no longer is in my body. It is still strange to think about. Anyway, as I was saying, gallbladder surgery recovery was and is no picnic. If I eat something spicy (which I shouldn't), I will be heading to the bathroom at Warp Factor 5. It doesn't stay in me very long. You really have to watch what you eat after gallbladder removal. Strangely, right after surgery, I had constipation as well for about three weeks. Now, if I would have had the laproscopic method, the recovery time is not that long. Unfortunately, I had to have the conventional method of gallbladder surgery. The gallbladder surgery recovery time is then usually six to eight weeks. My gallbladder was so swollen with gangrene, it had to be taken out the old way. So, basically, I am still recovering from gallbladder surgery almost six months later.

I still have pain, in the area where the incisions were made, if I try to lift something that is heavy. Let's say I move something that weighs just fifty pounds. I can feel in in that area of my stomach where the gallbladder was removed. So, I have to say with nearly six months since my gallbladder surgery, I am still recovering. I have to watch what I pick up. I have to really, really watch what I eat. No hot spicy food for me. That is a real pain for me. I love hot spicy food. Hopefully, my liver will catch up with the rest of my body. One more thing I need to mention about gallbladder surgery recovery; I experienced dizzy spells for over a week after my surgery. I mean it lasted 24/7 for a week! I still have them occasionally. My primary care physician checked my blood and urine. No problems. But, if they come back, I'm going to ask him to send me to a specialist. I wouldn't wish gallbladdery surgery on anyone. I just hope I never have to experience anything like this again.


Get well soon sir! I love reading your entries by the way! Keep it UP!


Gaze, sorry for getting back to you so late! I am getting better each day. I just have to wait on my body to heal. Thanks for coming by. I appreciate it!

One of the main causes for gall bladder surgeries is the food that you eat on a daily basis.
Gall Bladder Removal

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