Baby Boomer Characteristics

Earlier this week, I spoke of the Generation Y Characteristics. I talked about how they are called "Millennials" and echo boomers. I spoke of how they are taking over the workforce in ever increasing numbers. The people they are replacing are the baby boomer generation. The baby boomers are the generation born post-WWII. Baby boomer characteristics are many. In fact, too many to choose from for this simple blog post. I'll just touch on a few.

One of the most obvious is that this baby boomer generation rejected the definition of true values all over the world. It was the baby boomers who were rioting in the streets during the Vietnam War, burning draft cards, smoking weed on campus of colleges, sitting in at the Dean's office in colleges across America. The baby boomers were also in such large numbers that they were referred to as a "shock wave." Never has there been such sheer numbers of one generation as the baby boomer generation. Seventy-six million American children were born between 1945 and 1964. They are now the baby boomers that are increasingly retiring every day. That is an amazing stat. The baby boomer generation was the first to truly be influenced by this new electronic gadget called "TV." An example of this is that for the first time, the news media brought a war (Vietnam) to the living rooms of Americans. This had an effect on how America saw the war after initially supporting it.

This was the "duck and cover" generation as baby boomers were the first to live under the threat of nuclear annihilation. This was the generation that experienced the "Cold War" threat also. Baby boomers lived through the assassination of a U.S. President (John F. Kennedy) and to witness the first real murder on live TV (Ruby Kills Lee Harvey Oswald). Baby boomers experienced the murders of Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. They also watched live on TV the heart pounding event of "Tranquility Base...the eagle has landed." Baby boomers say they were all at the first "Woodstock," which means there were about 30 million people at this event!!! Baby boomers also witnessed the resignation of a president (Nixon) and another attack on American soil (911). Now, the traits that characterize this baby boomer generation is will they outlive their retirement (social security and private pensions), health, enjoying their remaining years on this earth. Baby boomers are the end product of what many refer to as "The Greatest Generation" of World War II.

Baby boomers; there may never be another generation to equal all they saw and did during the prime of their lives.

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We found your blog about the character of Baby Boomers to be "Right On" and truely enjoyable to not only "The Baby Boomer Generation" but to the generations that came after us.
You are correct in saying that we are the end product of the Greatest Generation since World War II. Our lives were filled with the greatest discoveries known to man/woman kind. May we have many many more fruitful years ahead... Thanks for your ideas so well written..
Keep It Up - Boomin Baby Boomer

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