Retirement: Seven Years Later

As I have said from the very outset, of this blog, I retired from the federal government back in November 2003. I remember the exact date because it was on a Friday the 13th! That kind of made me a bit anxious, superstitious old goat that I am. I was moving up to where my in-laws lived (yeah, I know...big mistake) with my wife (now ex-wife). I was ready for a fresh change. I got change, but it sure as hell was not fresh. Enough of that. This post is about my retirement.

Initially, I enjoyed everything about retirement. I enjoyed not getting up having to go to work. I enjoyed not worrying when I had to go to sleep (I worked mid-shits, midnight to 8AM). The fact I would not have to face people I didn't like at work was a big plus as well. I had time to do things I have wanted to do for many years, such as writing. Retirement is great if you are a hunter or fisherman. You have time to do all those things. But, I am neither. I have hobbies, such as the aforementioned writing and I love to tinker with computers. I now do a little light computer maintenance on the side to make extra money. All that eventually has gotten old (except for the writing). On the negative side, I don't get to see my old, dear friends, from work, on a daily basis like I once did. I miss that. I still feel odd not being a part of the workforce. I still get up early. I just can't sleep past 6AM. I have to get up. I usually go get some breakfast and coffee at the drive-up at McDonald's or some other fast food restaurant. I feel...a little envy of those getting there early on their way to work. I know that sounds strange. But, I'm trying to be honest here.

I guess my main point on retirement is that it is something to look forward to at the end of your career. With the exception of my mortgage, I am now debt free and seem to have more money these days than when I worked for a living. That's an incredible statement, I know. But, I planned well for retirement. The fruit of that planning is paying off now. So, bottom line, am I enjoying my retirement years? Truthfully, I can only answer that with a yes and no. Yes, because of all I've stated such as being relieved of the stress of working. No, because of all I have stated such as missing old friends. I see my old pals ever now and then. But, things have changed between us. I can't explain it. It is just...different.

Finally, speaking of retirement, I saw a report on Yahoo about the best places to retire outside the USA. I've never considered living outside the USA for any number of reasons. But, they give good insight on living in retirement in places such as Buenos Aires, Argentina. They refer to it as the "Paris of South America." There are four other places you can check out also. They all sound nice. But, I think I'll be stay right here in the good old USA.

***Editors Note:  You can read about my Retirement:  Ten Years Later <<right there


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