Jessica Hahn and Jennifer Aniston - Really?

It seems that the news media is completely out of whack these days. We have historic upheaval in the Middle East (Egyptian protests, Libya protests in Benghazi and elsewhere). We have a terrible earthquake in New Zealand causing untold number of deaths. We have the Madison protest of schoolteachers right here in the United States in Madison, Wisconsin and in Ohio. So, what does the news media languish over? Jennifer Aniston, a fading somebody celebrity, and Jessica Hahn, a faded nobody ever was, is what the news media in the United States seems concerned about.

Jessica Hahn got her last "15 seconds" of fame this week on The View. It seems that Jessica Hahn decided to take on Barbara Walters, an experienced, tough interviewer of many years. Hahn brought up Barbara Walters past affair with Senator Edward Brooke, former senator from Massachusetts. Barabra Walters didn't even blink. She said the interview was "...about you, not me (Walters)." Basically, Walters brought up Hahn's past affair with former PTL minsiter and scam artist, Jim Bakker. That was a sore point with Jessica. The news media seemed fascinated with it.

Then you had, of all things, the media going bonkers over Jenifer Aniston's new hairstyle? Really? You have GOT to be kidding me. People are dying in Libya and all over the Middle East, and there seems to be a need to discuss Jennifer Aniston's new hairstyle? I don't get it. I just can't get over the obsession that the news media and a lot of the public have with so-called celebrities. I understand there is a market for selling news on the celebrities of the world. But, it just seems things get out of hand sometime. Anyway, that's my opinion.


I agree completely. The news priorities these days are upside down.
(Found you on EC!)

LJP, it is a sad commentary on the state of the news, isn't it? Jessica Hahn? Please...lol Thanks for coming by!

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