Another Review of Revnue Sharing Sites

As I stated just over six months ago, the reason I was leaving this blog was due, in part, to my participation in revenue sharing sites (RSS). I felt, at the time, this blog was just a waste of my time. What I did not expect was that I would miss this old blog. However, as I will explain further, revenue sharing sites do have their drawbacks. This is particularly true of the most popular sites that share revenue with their authors. Another reason I left was that I needed to devote more time to getting my novel published. I have decided on another avenue to get this deed done, once and for all. I will talk more on this in a future post.

There are many revenue sharing sites. Some are not worth the time to even register. Some are more valuable just for backlinks. Still there are some good sites out there in the internet world. I think one that qualifies for this category is SheToldMe. You get 100% of the revenue. But, the problem is that there is not much in the way of traffic as compared to the other two RSS I will mention here. I have gotten traffic from this site. But, I have been on this site for about eight months. In that time, I have made about $3.00. Now, my case is not indicative of everyone. I want to make that clear now. But, just exchanging email with others, this site lacks in consistent traffic to generate a passive income.

The other two big players in RSS are HubPages and Xomba. Hubpages (HP)is mystery to me. I read of many people who say they make hundreds, some make thousands of dollars a month on HP. I guess I am just running in the wrong circle of people. I have met a few who consistently make about $20.00 a month on HP. But, I don't personally know anyone who makes money in the hundreds of dollars on HP. Adsense placement is well developed on the "hubs" you create. However, I personally only make about $5.00 a month on HP. It may be my topics. My overwhelming topic of choice is Politics. I get a good number of visitors. But, strangely, I get few clicks on ads. Most of the ads are relevant to the hub content. Same thing for hubs I make on creative writing and job interview hubs. I don't get as much traffic on the creative writing hubs. But, I get lots of traffic on the job interview hubs. Again, little in the way of clicks. I don't understand it. Another thing about Hubpages; they have rules that are seemingly arbitrary in nature. You can get in trouble even if you follow their rules. It doesn't make for a pleasant experience there. My time there may at an end before much longer.

My greatest success has come on Xomba. I get lots of traffic and get a fair number of clicks. Xomba is in the middle of a "makeover" of their site. I like all the improvements thus far. Things had gotten a bit stale there. But, I really enjoy my time on Xomba. Sure, they have rules. But, all their rules are well stated and there is no confusion over what they are. Everything is spelled out clearly for you. The thing about Xomba, you can make booksmarks there and get traffic. Each bookmark now must have at least 100 words in the body of the post. I think that is a good thing. There was only 50 words until just recently. The article word count has increased also. Again, this is a good thing. If I had to pick what I consider the best RSS, it would definitely be Xomba.

I may try other revenue sharing sites in the weeks and months a head. But, HubPages and Xomba are my main two right now. I don't see that changing right now. If you enjoy writing, I encourage you to give revenue sharing sites a try. If you can make money at something you enjoy, that makes it even sweeter!


It may well be that I shall try to give the sites a chance until now I have deliberately chosen them from when I did not think it was worth it. So I have used article databases such as slash article, Article Alley and Article Base, to get good backlinks.

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I think you should give Xomba a try. They are really doing a major makeover of their site. Plus, the revenue split is now 60/40 in your favor. I have only recently tried article based sites as a means to get backlinks. I'm still waiting to see what happens. BTW, I was in Copenhagen many years ago. Oh, the memories I have....

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