Thursday's Wacky Duo

In Richmond, California, a woman left her apartment door open. She had a four year old boy there and a newborn baby. Why she would leave them alone is something only she can answer. What happened next is not something she expected, I am sure. Two pit bull dogs burst through the door and charged toward the little 4-year old boy. The pet Chihuahua got between the pit bulls and the little boy, saving the life of the boy. The Chihuahua (Manchas) was not as lucky. The dog gave up his life to save the kid. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to look at Chihuahuas the same way I did before.

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, police officers were caught running red lights, and not stopping at stop signs. How were they caught? By traffic cameras set up along the streets. None of the police officers had their sirens on or lights flashing when making these traffic violations. At least 26 officers have been cited. Five cases were dismissed. But, the others are pending. All I have to say is I wish we had traffic cameras in my city. If they did, they would catch a helluva lot more than 26 police officers making traffic violations.


David, cops don't think the laws include them, because they enforce them. trust me, I know. I'm a former cop from Detroit.

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