Final Post of David's Musings...at least for now

I had originally decided to end David's Musings one week from today. But, I see no reason to delay the inevitable. It is with somewhat a heavy heart I let go of this blog today. But, I just feel that sometimes I was talking in an empty vacuum, much like I was when I first started this blog. It's time to put this thing in moth balls. I have decided not to delete it as I once considered. I did delete the feed yesterday. I wish I would have waited on that. But, it is too late now.

First, I want to thank all the many people over the past 2+ years who have participated here. Most were cordial and hospitable. Some were not. But, everyone is not always going to agree with you. I have always believed you can disagree without being disagreeable. Some just didn't believe in that old maxim, I fear. I have met some outstanding people. Notably, Matt from "Matt-Speak" which no longer exists. He and his sister were faithful visitors here. There are so many other people, I should not mention anyone else. But, those two were among the first to David's Musings. I have often been too personal in this blog. I regret some things I posted when I first started. I have been tempted over the years to delete them. But, I have decided to let them be. I have David's Musings to blame for reigniting my passion for writing. Now, I participate on revenue sharing sites such as Xomba and HubPages. I enjoy the latter of the two immensely. I have written a novel on another blog (Diary: Alone on Earth) that is FINALLY getting feelers from publishers and agents. I thank this blog for that. I have also written a series of short stories that are also getting attention.

This blog has been almost like a child to me. I have watched it grow from a simplistic form to what it is today. I finally got a feed count over 100 about a month ago. I regret letting go of that. But, like all things in life, it is time to move on to bigger and better things. Posting here was taking away from other things that I need to devote my time to these days.

ENTRECARD MEMBERS: I will not accept any further credits to this blog. Those that paid as of last Saturday will be honored. I will leave this blog "open" for the next two weeks. I may or may not respond to any comments you may leave. After July 23rd, I will close the blog to "invitation only." Meaning, you will have to have a password to enter after July 23rd.

Finally, I do not rule out completely starting this blog back up. It could be a year, six months or even next month. But, that is very unlikely. I am burned out with blogging. I have basically said all I will ever want to say here. But, you never know...thanks to all who have participated once again. I think it is only appropriate that I end this blog the same way I started it. Hit the link to my very first post here. God Bless you all.



Just wanted to let you know that I always enjoyed reading your blog.

I hate to see a blog disappear, but I certainly understand why it just feels like a job now.

Good luck with all your writing efforts in the future.

Hi David. I'm sad about this ending, not that I've been a faithful follower, but once I caught up with Alone on Earth, I never missed a post. I'm so glad to hear that it could be on the road to publication beyond the net. Definitely deserving. Anyway, I hope this ending will open the door to soem new beginnings for you. Best wishes, Jean

I wish you the very best with your writing :)

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