Why the Taliban Must Be Defeated

I know many people have different views on the Afghanistan war. Some say the U.S. should unilaterally withdraw all troops now. Some say a "measured" withdrawal over time. Still some say we should stay until the Taliban is defeated. Regardless of what group you find yourself, you must agree that the Taliban is the lowest of the low. The Taliban (I hate to even capitalize the name) treat women on the same level with dogs. Their psychotic interpretation of Islam is but another reason they are despised by many.

Yesterday the Taliban accused a 7-year old boy [article link] of being a spy. That's right. A spy. I doubt the child even knew what a spy is supposed to be. But, the Taliban didn't stop there. They then executed this child by hanging him. This supposedly happened Tuesday. The boy may have informed police of planted explosives. In the eyes of the homicidal Taliban, this was enough to accuse him of being a spy. There are many reasons why the Taliban and the equally sinister, al-qaeda, must be defeated. This story is but one reason all terrorists must be destroyed. Furthermore, where is the outrage of this atrocity from "moderate" Muslims?


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