Who Speaks for the White House?

I found it remarkable that the state of Arizona found out via Ecuador that the Obama Administration has decided to sue [article link] the citizens of that state over their illegal immigration law. Hillary Clinton, who is supposed to be the Secretary of State, let it be known the DOJ had made this decision. I was not aware she also spoke for the DOJ. Perhaps Attorney General Eric Holder can enlighten us on this point. Regardless, the question has to be asked, why did Hillary take it upon herself to make an announcement about a domestic policy dispute, in the United States, in a foreign country? It seems no one in the media is asking this basic question. I have an idea why she did this.

As I have stated on this blog previously, Hillary Clinton has not given up her quest for the presidency. She is as power mad as her alleged husband is for women. Sure she has stated she has no interest in the White House now. But, I simply do not believe her at all. My belief all along is that if President Obama continues to sink in the approval ratings poll, Hillary is going to look for an "out" to resign her position as Secretary of State. It could be over some minor dispute in foreign policy. My belief is that Hillary will resign and run against Obama in the primary season. I have believed that all along. She would never have made such an announcement a year ago. Obama is a weakened president. Hillary would never had made such an affront to the White House early in the heyday of the Obama lovefest. I look for her to become even more bold in the months and years ahead.


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