Town Hall Meetings 2010

As many will remember, last summer marked a series of Democratic town hall meetings with angry constituents voicing their displeasure with their senator or house representative. Among those were "former" Senator Arlen Specter. There were even some incidents of violence where SEIU union thugs attacked people voicing their anger. But, threats of violence did not deter people. Most of the anger was about the Health Care Reform package that people did not like. The people were ignored and got the HCR anyway.

This year, Democrats [article link] are taking a different route. While many Democrats are not dodging town hall meetings, they are scripted or being carried out by telephone interaction among a number of people. For the most part, these are Democrats who support the respective senator or house representative. So, I would not expect a repeat of the type of town hall meetings we witnessed last year. Democrats are still reeling from those scenes on Youtube and on TV. Voters will remember who is listening to them this time at the ballot box in November.


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