Thursday's Wacky Duo

In Mesa, Arizona, a restaurant owner decided to get his customers in tune with the World Cup. He decided to offer a dish [article link] that is a South African delicacy. Cameron Selogie, the restaurant owner did not expect the backlash. He received 150 emails threatening him and one bomb threat. What was the "delicacy" that got everyone upset? It was the "Lion Meat Burger." That is right. Mr. Selogie received 10 pounds of USDA regulated lion meat from a farm in Illinois. He refused to name the farm for good reason.

A modern day Goldilocks invaded [article link] a home, ate some food (or porridge), drank some alcoholic beverages and found a bed just right. So, she went to sleep. However, the homeowner came home sleeping in his bed and called the police. 39-year old Vanessa Joy Long pleaded guilty in a New Zealand court for her escapes. She could face home detention. She should have lots of time reading up on other childrens stories such as "The Three Bears."


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