Revenue Sharing Sites - The Review

Three months ago, I announced I had started joining revenue sharing sites that share Adsense revenue with you over the amount of content and bookmarks you leave on their respective sites. The first two I joined were Xomba and Hubpages. Both are major players in the revenue sharing site business. A month later, I joined Snipsly, Page360 and RedGage. The latter, RedGage, is not a revenue sharing site. They give you money based on the amount of views of your content.

I must say, at least for now, all are disappointments. I am particularly unimpressed with Xomba and RedGage (again, they pay based on views of content). Xomba started off with great promise. But, over the past 4-6 weeks, the amount of traffic, along with revenue, has fallen drastically. The best month I had was last month. I had 20 clicks on adsense ads. That is pathetic. RedGage, at this point in time, seems like...well, something isn't right at that site. They do not respond to emails, among other things. I suggest you stay away from them until I announce something further. I plan on keeping my content with RedGage until I get to the pay out level ($25.00). That may take two years at this point. After I get paid, I will delete everything there. I'm going to stick with Xomba a bit longer. But, traffic has to increase for me to stay past this month.

Snipsley and Page360 really aren't worth mentioning. Really not much to say about them, other than they aren't worth the trouble. I am contemplating deleting all my content from both and ending it with them. HubPages, although a really fun site, is not all they claim to be. I've read where some people claim to be making "hundreds of dollars" a month. So, at least, someone is making money if those claims are to be believed. I intend to stick around there for a while longer.

As for my weekly column with MashedNetworks; it appears we either have a communications problem or they simply don't want me. I'm not sure which it is. That place has great promise. But, it appears it is not going to be in the cards for me. Finally, I don't wish to discourage you from trying the revenue sites here (although I suggest you stay away from RedGage until further notice). Maybe you can do better. I just am not going to waste my time writing on these sites any longer. Of course, that is always subject to change!!! ;-)


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