One Reason for California Financial Woes

There are a myriad of reasons why the state of California has such terrible financial woes these days. Some of the woes can be blamed on an alleged Republican governor who never met a taxpayer dollar he didn't like to spend. Another reason is out of control illegal immigration. Illegal aliens are a major part of why CA is near bankrupt due to them taking advantage of social services. But, one reason that is just as glaring is the fact that those on welfare [article link] can use their welfare cards at casinos. That is correct. Welfare recipients can use their EBT cards to withdraw cash at casino ATMs.

According to the article, state officials are working to stop this practice. But, how long has it been going on? How could they possibly overlook this? Apparently, there is no oversight on welfare recipients in California. That is sad. But, it is also endemic of the entire welfare system in the USA.


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