New York City Almost Broke

New York City delayed paying its bills [article link] Tuesday as a means to staying solvent. Budget Director Robert Megna said it could possibly get worse in August and later on in the year. New York was unable to meet its financial obligations for the third time since last December. City workers and pensioners will be delayed in receiving their checks this week. The budget director may borrow the money from other funds in order to make payments. No word as to whether the city will have to lay off people or not.

I read this article and I remember one thing that NYC Mayor Bloomberg said recently. In regard to the heated illegal immigration debate, Mayor Bloomberg stated "We love immigrants in our city." Those same illegals have to be funded for education, medical and jobs of which they pay no taxes to the city or state. It's a good life if you can get it, huh mayor?


Just stopped by to say "Hi". I really like the look of your blog these days. Great Job!!

David, been a long time! How you been doing? Wow...can't believe I still have this blog. It has been over two years now.

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