Helen Thomas - Addendum

I was greatly critical of the news media in yesterday's blog post. Yesterday, as everyone must know, Helen Thomas retired after covering U.S. Presidents from Eisenhower to Obama. Her comments [article link] were reprehensible for someone tenured as long as she has been in journalism (or what passes for journalism today). Her initial apology made matters worse as many considered it a half-hearted attempt at damage control. It didn't work. Former Bush press spokesman Ari Fleischer immediately condemned her remarks and demanded she be banned from the White House press corp. In the end, that didn't need to happen.

I notice a lot of people (especially those on the left) are complaining about "freedom of speech." Again, the hypocrisy of the leftists amazes me. Where was their whining when Trent Lott was castigated for his remarks [article link] concerning Strom Thurman? Both were outrageous comments. Both got what they deserved.


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