A Few Musings

I am still a little puzzled with the individual (Rolf Hicker) who stated I was involved in "copyright infringement" on last week's Nature Wednesday. What I don't understand (and asked this question last Wednesday after I deleted [link] the pics) is why have your pics in Google stock for everyone to use if you are fearful of copyright infringement? That still doesn't make sense to me. His pic did not state anything about "this is copyrighted." If I see that, I try to make it a point to either ask or I don't use them. He also stated to me, "...either use my images the proper way...or don't use them at all!" Ok, Rolf, no problem. However, since they were in Google stock, I didn't know they belonged to you. You don't identify your work. Now, all you have to do is contact Google to have your "work" there removed. Somehow, I doubt you will do that.

The oil slick, here on the gulf coast, is getting worse. Pensacola Beach, about 90 minutes from where I live, has closed down. Most likely it will be closed for the summer. Orange Beach, AL is getting hit with some mighty oily waves now. Just a matter of time before it too is closed down. I suspect Gulf Shores will follow shortly. This is entire thing wreaks of idiocy. How could this happen?

As if we don't have enough trouble on the gulf coast, hurricane season is starting to show its ugly face. TS Alex is not expected to head toward the oil spill area...yet. But, as with all hurricanes, this can change at any time.

Finally, at this time of year we start getting reports of rabid squirrels, foxes (didn't even know we had them down here), raccoons and, of course, dogs. Thus far only one report of a rabid dog. That happened last Thursday at an empty playground, thankfully. The dog was reported by a homeowner. Animal control experts came to put the dog out of its misery. I hate to hear that. But, there was no other course of action.


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