A Couple of Wacky News Stories

A Montana man was convicted [article link] of his 10th DUI by a jury Tuesday. He was already on parole when he was pulled over on suspicion of DUI. There is no idea just what the sentencing guidelines will be for someone who has been convicted of his 10th DUI. In my opinion, he should have had that license taken away after the 2nd DUI. I was under the impression that states were cracking down on driving under the influence. I'm sure there are a few that get through the cracks. But, it is those few who wreak the most damage. I suppose the good news is this idiot did not kill someone while driving drunk. Hopefully, he'll be sentenced for a long, long time in prison.

A woman in Michigan shot herself [article link] in an attempt to get medical help for her injured shoulder. Kathy Myers said she was unemployed and with no medical insurance. She stated she needed to see a specialist about her shoulder. So, in an attempt to get that kind of help, courtesy of the county, she shot her ailing shoulder with a handgun. She was taken to the hospital and released several hours later. Police have not decided whether or not to charge her with unlawfully firing a handgun inside the city limits. It is amazing there are people this stupid on the face of the earth. She could have easily killed herself or someone else.


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