Continuing Media Bias

Last week [article link], noted anti-Semite, alleged journalist, back from the dead, Helen Thomas displayed her true colors to the entire world. Helen Thomas stated, "...get the hell out of Palestine. They should go back to Poland, Germany." Sure, there were condemnations toward her. I noticed not one bit of condemnation from the most anti-Israeli administration in many years. The Obama Administration stated nothing about her comments. In fact, the press corp. closed ranks round this obvious anti-semite, Jew hater. What amazes me is few, if any, Jewish organizations have condemned her comments. Where is the condemnation from the Anti-Defamation League?

Richard Blumenthal, running for Senator from the state of Connecticut, admitted he lied for years about his service in Vietnam. He conveniently waited to admit this the day before election day about three weeks ago. Intially, there was some talk about this blatant lie. But, it quickly died down. Again, the news media let it quietly die.

Compare all the above to former Senator Majority Leader Trent Lott saying "...avoided "all these problems" if then-segregationist Strom Thurmond had been elected president in 1948." An outrageous thing to say, true enough. But, is it any worse than Helen Thomas stating her anti-Israeli diatribe? As far as I know, Helen Thomas will continue to be front and center in the White House press room. It doesn't surprise me the news media is so biased. This has gone on for years and years. What surprises me is the news media is now so blatant with their bias. They don't even care any longer that their bias is clearly shown these days. Is there any wonder why newspapers and magazines are on their death throes today?


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