BP Receives "Titanic" Offer of Help

James Cameron, director of such films as Titanic and Avatar, was turned down [article link] when he offered to help stop the BP Oil "Spill." The offer was along the lines of robot submarines and underwater filming. Upon being turned down, James Cameron replied, "...those morons don't know what they're doing." No word on whom he directed the derogatory "morons" label. Mr. Cameron has not discussed his offer with the White House.

I'm kind of torn on this news report. On the one hand, I'm thinking what the hell does a movie director know about stopping an underwater oil gusher? I mean, this isn't a movie set where you can yell, "Cut!" and start back over. It's entirely possible James Cameron is a publicity hog. That being the case, he only partially succeeded. However, on the other hand, what can it hurt? BP has shown a complete inability to stop this kind of disaster with the explosion of the oil rig a couple of months ago. You would think BP would be open to any suggestions and offers of help. I tend to believe they are letting their pride stand in the way of stopping this ongoing disaster. At least seek ideas from others in the industry. They will eventually come to this line of thinking. But, not before the wetlands along the gulf coast are toast. In this regard, James Cameron's offer doesn't seem so high and mighty. Mr. Cameron probably couldn't do any worse than the "experts" are doing right now.


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