Boycott and Vandalism of BP

In South Florida and other parts of the country, a boycott [article link] of BP is taking place. Gulf coast residents, furious over the oil spill and its toll on the gulf economy, are taking their frustrations out on BP by refusing to buy gas and other products having to do with BP. In some cases, vandalism has been perpetrated upon BP gas stations. Anger will swell even more as the oil plumes beneath the surface of the gulf, steadily come ashore on the gulf coast. Dead Pelicans, herons, dolphins and sea turtles are washing up ashore.

Personally, while I understand the anger and frustration, boycotting BP gas stations ultimately hurts the BP gas station owners even more. Many Americans are employed by BP. Many Americans have stock (possibly the majority) in BP. BP most likely is going to be rescued by whatever insurance companies cover them. Their logo will always be attached to the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history. But, boycotting BP is not going to hurt BP as much as it will Americans. The vandalism is inexcusable. What BP did or didn't do, is equally inexcusable. Holding BP accountable is going to be much more effective. I'm not sure BP will ever recover from this. Perhaps they shouldn't recover from this disaster.


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