Two Stories: Perseverance and Heartbreak

In South Korea, a woman finally got her driver's license [article link] after taking the test after 960 tries. That's not a misprint. It took 69-year-old Cha Sa-soon 960 tries, testing almost daily since April of 2005. Fortunately, it took her only ten times to pass the driving portion of the test. I've heard of people never giving up. I've heard of people toughing it out to gain whatever goal they have set forth in life. But, I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone trying as hard as this little lady in South Korea. It is easy to laugh at her trying and failing as many times as she did. But, you can not laugh at her continued perseverance. She never gave up.

A man in Syracuse, NY [article link] got on a lucky streak at a casino. Facing numerous bills, Kenneth Lamoree decided to try his luck at the casino. Wouldn't you know it? He wins $3200! Mr. Lamoree came home about 3:30AM, went to bed thinking his luck had changed. But, it was not to be. His two-story home caught on fire. He was able to get his fiancee and three children out of his home unscathed. But, the real heartbreak of this story...that $3200 went up in smoke as Mr. Lamoree left his wallet in the house. The important thing, and I'm sure he is thinking it, is that the heartbreak could have been far worse if someone had not made it out of that house fire.


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