President Obama and the Busy Bees

A swarm of bees attempted to prevent President Obama from leaving the White House yesterday [article link]. It appears that the President was on his way to play basketball at Ft. McNair. The bees, sensing that the President was leaving with over 15 million Americans out of work, decided to try and make him stay and work for his money. Alas, the best laid plans of bees and men went awry. When our beloved President returned from his basketball game, full of enthusiasm and renewed strength to help our country through this "recovering economy," the bees decided it was all a waste of time. The bees were all gone. Just like millions of jobs in this country, they were gone with the wind.

Ok, a little tongue in cheek. Very little. It's strange that a swarm of bees had more sense than certain human beings. Some of the comments in this article are absolutely priceless. Be sure to click on the article link above to read them.


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