Police Cite Hundreds for Cursing

In maybe one of the biggest waste of time for law enforcement, hundreds of people in Pennsylvania were cited for cursing. According to the article [article link] 770 people were cited for cussing. Most of the citations were due to cussing police officers. I don't see any reason for that. I hate getting tickets also. But, it is probably due to people being pulled over for speeding. They then compound the problem by cussing the officer. You are going to lose in that situation. Well, usually you lose. It appears the ACLU is getting involved now. They, of course, are going to view it as a freedom of speech issue. That is difficult to argue also. I just tend to believe that an officer would just overlook these idiots and tell them to have a nice day as he hands them the ticket. I am not sure if these will all be appealed by the ACLU. Each person cited will have different circumstances. It will be very interesting to see how this turns out.


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