Obama Not Having A Good Week

A fragile economy, 10% unemployment and sinking approval numbers are enough to make any U.S. President a little on the "antsy" side. But, with a raucous luncheon with Republicans on Wednesday, it was understandable that President Obama unleashed on a heckler at a fund raiser [article link] for Mrs. Barbara "Call Me Senator" Boxer. The President told the heckler he needed to get a ticket to someone who doesn't support his point of view on "Don't ask, don't tell" that is slated for a proposed repeal Thursday. The President has been notably testy since his healthcare reform package passed and was signed into law. You'd think he would be in good spirits. However, latest polls (speaking of repeals) indicate as many as 63% of Americans want the HCR repealed.

President Obama has always been a bit on the thin-skinned side. Republicans know this. Many are using it to their advantage as was the case in the Wednesday luncheon. My opinion is the more that the President responds to attacks, the more unpresidential he becomes. It was bad enough that he was quoted as saying Rush Limbaugh could go play with himself when asked if he would consider playing a round of golf with the conservative radio star. That came off as being vulgar no matter how you spin it, twist it or gloss over it. I guess I have come to expect more from the alleged leader of the free world. Maybe that day has come and gone. Anyway, I am sure the President will be glad to get this week behind him. The BP Oil Spill is starting to spin out of control. Anger is mounting and there is one person in government that anger is usually passed along to; the President of the United States.


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