New York: Times Square Bomb

Pakistani Taliban is claiming responsibility [article link] of the Times Square bomb that was set inside an SUV. The bomb did not completely detonate. But, the SUV did catch on fire. al-Qaida is closely allied with the Pakistani Taliban. New York law enforcement stated the bomb mechanism was "amateurish" in nature. Some cast doubt if the bomb was set by the Taliban which is known for its sophisticated bombs in Iraq against U.S. troops. The FBI is investigating video that saw individuals exiting the SUV with the bomb. No arrests have been made as yet. However, the FBI is pursuing several leads at this time. The FBI did speak with the registered owner of the SUV. However, they are not revealing any further details of that interview.

I'm curious if we will ever find out if this was, indeed, a bomb planted by the Taliban. On Christmas Day, we were told the underwear bomber on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 was a rogue operative of al-Qaida. We were told the Ft. Hood massacre was a disturbed Muslim U.S. Army officer who was simply upset about going to Iraq. None of these were considered terrorist threats. As for the Ft. Hood killings, the Obama Administration is still stonewalling efforts to reveal documents concerning this to the press. These are three incidents within a six month frame. George W. Bush, who I couldn't stand, had the 911 attacks nine months into his first term. That was the last terrorist attack on his watch. Inasmuch as I couldn't stand him, I dont' put all the blame of the 911 attacks on a president who had been in office for nine months. Careful planning of these 911 attacks had been ongoing for two years. Bill Clinton must share blame on this. As for Obama, he had best worry about the terrorist threats and less about attacking Americans in Arizona.


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