The Internet Cowboy Syndrome

Doctors have characterized some people as suffering from "The Internet Cowboy Syndrome." The internet cowboy basically is a combination of John Wayne and Chuck Norris all rolled into one. If you dare post something they disagree with, they call you dirty names, threaten you and so forth. I've been active on the internet since 1990. I'm pretty familiar with it.

We see this on the internet all the time. Someone disagrees with you vociferously. It gets out of hand and the person threatens you with harm. In a lot of cases, I am the "victim." I quite frequently make my opinions without worrying what the consequence may be. Then you have a person who wants to find you and beat hell out of you. That is rare. But, it does happen. Most times they just call you names behind the safe confines of the computer monitor. You know the names, racist, bigot, SOB, etc. I've been called them all. But, rarely have I been called them to my face. I am of the opinion, that most people who threaten or call you names on the internet don't have the guts to do it in person. I'm sure there are exceptions to that. Most internet cowboys are harmless.

Yesterday I made a very controversial post about illegal aliens. You can see that post down below this post. I was called every name in the book. The person did not address my points or my concerns. He or she was unable to do that. That's ok. Because I know an internet cowboy when I see one. This guy or gal was one of those wild and crazy internet cowboys that give the human race a bad name. I'm sure everyone that is reading this blog has encountered that type. I just wanted to make mention of it in case this person gets to view this post. Giddy up, bud.


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