Illegal Alien Gets $145K from NYC

I'm not sure what to say about an illegal alien [article link] getting $145K because he didn't get a fair and speedy trial. As it turns out, he was held at Riker's Island too long. So, to set matters straight, economically ailing New York City give the illegal $145K as a parting gift as he was deported out of the country. It's astounding to me they came up with $145K. Some people are wrongfully imprisoned in this country. When they get out, they are lucky to get a nice suit and a ride to their home. How can an illegal alien be accorded more rights than the ordinary American citizen? You know, the people that pay for all the illegals free education, free social services and free medical care. It's disgusting.

America continues to coddle the illegal aliens that are here. How can someone that is in the country illegally be given this much money when there are Americans losing jobs and their homes? I would like to be able to blame all this on the Anointed One. But, George W. Bush was as bad or worse than Obama when it comes to protecting illegals. Now, we have American students suspended in CA for wearing patriotic American apparel to school. Hispanic kids from that same school just suddenly walk out of class (waving Mexican flags, of course). Nothing is done to them. They cry they want respect. No, they are marching because they think they are entitled to everything that people worked so hard to achieve in this country. The grotesque act of giving one illegal $145K of taxpayer money is just one more reason something must be done about illegal immigration into this country. Amnesty is completely out of the question.


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