Hope and Change Billboard

I got to admit, this billboard I got off Twitter is rather amusing to me. There have been a lot of billboards about our beloved President Obama. But, this one is tops in my opinion. It is a checklist (or laundry list) of the things President Obama has "accomplished" during his first (and hopefully last) term. Among the list, one-trillion dollar bailout, takeover of auto and banking industries and socialized medicine. It leaves open the suggestion that amnesty for illegals and cap and trade are next on the Obama agenda. Both will be in the same category as Healthcare Reform as far as getting them passed. With fifteen million unemployed Americans searching for work, Obama would have to be completely out of his mind to attempt amnesty. Of course, this probably means he will at least try it this election year. Cap and Trade is going to increase taxes across the board during a "recovering economy." Good luck with that, Mr. President.


The dog is too cute! I thought that was your dog at first! ;)

fitness, my beagle won't sit still long enough for me to take a good pic of him! That is why I have to use stock photos for beagles. I think he is camera shy or something. But, "Ralph" is very simuilar to the beagle in this blog entry. Thanks for stopping by.

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