The Escape Artist

I've often mentioned my beagle, Ralph, on this blog. What I have not mentioned before is what an escape artist he has become. Beagles are known to find any weakness in a fence. If they find one, out they go! He has escaped twice from the backyard. Once, he pulled on a loose plank until it broke. I found him laying under a shade tree at a local park as if he does it every day. That was amazing. The second time he escaped, he actually pushed back the fence door to get out. That was my mistake. I forgot to close the handle so he couldn't push it open.

He escaped for the third time yesterday. Fortunately, I caught him in the act. Unbelievably, he has now figured out how to pull on the door handle to open it. I saw him do it. I ran out the open fence door (courtesy of Ralph) yelling at him. He turned, looked back at me and thought I was wanting to play (thankfully). So, he ran toward me. I was glad he did. I simply couldn't run after him in this heat and humidity of May, here on the gulf coast.

That fence door now has a lock on it. I don't think even Ralph the Houdini Dog can open it now. Just to be sure, I have added a foot of wire mesh all around the bottom of my wood fence. It's better to be safe than sorry with this escape artist. Can he escape again? I doubt it now. But, at the same time, I wouldn't bet the house on it.


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