Electronic Gadgets Cause Sleep Problems?

Last year, I had one of my periodic episodes when I was unable to sleep. These episodes usually last no more than about 2-3 nights. Even with my CPAP, I still have these times when I'm unable to sleep for reasons unknown. I do have sleep apnea which can be deadly. But, as long as you use your CPAP, you are ok. A friend asked me if I have a lot of power lights around me in my room. I have cable modem lights, computer indicator lights, router lights, light from my DVR, and so on. He told me to turn them all off for one night to see if that would help. I thought he was crazy. I felt I had nothing to lose. So, I did just that; turned off every indicator light in my room. It turns out this guy was on to something. I slept a very solid eight hours that night. There is an article [article link] that discusses this very same thing.

In the article it describes a man who did the same thing I did last year. He turned off all the electronic gadgets in his room. No indicator lights whatsoever. It worked for him. It seems there is an "internal clock" we have that reads light as being sunrise and time to get up. According to the article, these indicator lights interrupt our sleep by fooling our brains into thinking it's daytime. I never considered such little amounts of light would have that kind of effect. I'm not completely sold on the idea. I have turned off all the indicator lights from electronics in my room since that very first time, and I still couldn't get to sleep. But, I find by turning them all off, it does cut down my time in falling to sleep. That is something I firmly believe. If you have problems sleeping, you might want to give this idea a try. Maybe it will work for you.


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