Abbreviated Post Today Due to Illness

Got a bad case of either the flu or just a bad common cold. I'm not sure which. I feel weak and a bit of pressure in the old chest. First flu/cold I've had in quite some time. So, I guess it's my time. I thought I had escaped the winter flu season. It appears to have just waited a while on me. When you feel bad, you feel like you are the only person on earth that is sick. I usually take my beagle, Ralph, for a walk in the afternoon. He keeps looking up at me wondering what I'm waiting on since he is ready to go. But, I suspect he thinks I feel bad. He won't leave my side right now. So, maybe pets can sense their owners are not feeling well.

I think I'll end things right there. I hope I get over this really soon. At my age, it becomes more and more difficult to fight off an illness. The good thing for me is that I exercise frequently. So, maybe my old body can fight this off very quickly. That is it for today and for this week.


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